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Wili Heat Bags

Hand Warmers - Rosella Waratah Pink

Hand Warmers - Rosella Waratah Pink

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Our Hand Warmers are perfect if your suffer with cold hands. Very popular when watching winter sports. Just pop the hand warmers in the palm of your hands or pop them in the pockets of your jackets or pants. Also a popular end of year Teacher Gift for them to use when doing Yard Duty.

Can also be used as a COOL PACK Just put your Hand Warmers inside a ziplock bag and place in your freezer. Great for keeping you cool in Summer!

Filled with Australian grown ODOUR FREE Lupins! But what are Lupins? They're a type of legume grown by Australian Farmers. We use these instead of traditional wheat because they are ODOUR FREE!! So no more smelly heat bags and smelly microwaves!

Other benefits:

➕ retains heat longer 
➕ 30% lighter than wheat
➕ doesn't sweat when heated
➕ chemical free

Also available in Back Wraps, Neck Wraps, Rectangle and Eye Masks

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