Lupin Heat Bags have many advantages over traditional wheat bags. You might have noticed that traditional wheat bags develop a 'cooked' or 'burnt' smell over time. This is less likely to happen with lupins as they are odour free. So you will no longer have to put up with that over powering smell in your house each time you microwave your heat bag!

Lupins are also 30% lighter in weight and retain their heat longer. Lupins are not treated with chemicals or fungicides.

They are allergy free and perfect for all ages. From the Ice Cream, which are popular with children wanting to cuddle them on cold nights. or to the eye wraps for migraine sufferers.

The rectangle, neck and back wraps are popular with adults for aching bodies or neck and back issues.

Bags can be used hot or cold. Simply heat in the microwave or wrap in a zip lock bag and place in the freezer.