What is Lupin?
Lupin is a Legume which grows like a pea in a pod but is harvested in the same way as wheat. We use Australian Grown Lupins in all of our Heat Packs.
Why use Lupins?
They are odour free, chemical free, 30% lighter than wheat and retain their heat longer. They don't sweat when heated in the microwave. You can also use them as a cold pack by storing them in the freezer in an air tight plastic bag.
How long should I microwave my heat bag for?
You can heat your bag up for 2 to 2 1/2 mins. I recommend 2 minutes for the first time and them an additional 30 seconds at a time, if required. Times vary vary depending on Microwave wattage and weight of your product. 
Can I wash my Heat Bag?
You can spot wipe over the Heat Pack with a damp cloth or wipe. You can also wash in the Washing Machine, we recommend a gentle cycle. Dry the material in direct sunlight or in front of the heater, once the material is dry heat in the microwave and that will help to dry the Lupins and shrink back to normal size.